iWealth - What is taking off - Your Retirement or the Kids College Fund

Deciding on the balance between saving for college or retirement can be a tough choice, which ultimately depends on your individual circumstances and priorities. At iWealth, we largely take the approach of telling our clients to “put their own oxygen mask on first” to borrow the airline analogy, as it’s vital our clients are able […]

iWealth Weekly Market Update May 13 2024

Stocks notched a solid gain last week as rate-cut expectations paced the rally as the Q1 earnings season wound down. Stocks Climb Steadily Monday opened with stocks picking up where they left off the prior Friday. Stocks were still basking in the afterglow of fresh jobs data, which eased investor concerns of an overheating economy. […]

iWealth Weekly Market Update May 6, 2024

Stocks notched a solid gain last week, rallying behind upbeat earnings, a dovish Fed, and mixed economic data.   Stocks Pop, Drop, Then Rally Markets began the week with an upward bump as positive news from some mega-cap tech companies outweighed disappointing updates from other tech names. The tone quickly changed on Tuesday as higher-than-expected […]

iWealth Weekly Market Update April 29, 2024

Stocks staged a choppy comeback last week as investors cheered positive earnings, led by mega-cap tech stocks. The rally came to pass despite fresh data showing a slowing economy and increasing inflationary pressures. Stocks Bounce Back. Twice. Last week opened with a rebound rally as investors breathed a sigh of relief that Middle East tensions […]

Fed and Middle East Conflict Diminish Stocks

Stocks fell for a third straight week, as Fed Chair Jerome Powell’s mixed but upbeat message could not offset the anxiety caused by the Middle East conflict. Stocks Retreat Markets began the week rattled by further escalation in the Middle East over the weekend. A bit of good news punctuated an otherwise sour Monday, as […]

iWealth Q1 2024 Market Update

In iWealth’s Q1 2024 update, Brad and his guest dive into a discussion about the second quarter of 2024, providing insights into recent Q1 market trends and upcoming client updates. Reflecting on the previous quarter, Brad highlights the impressive performance of the market, attributing it to the strong economic conditions. He discusses the shift in […]