We all have financial goals beyond just saving for retirement. But too often, those goals remain dreams rather than realities. At iWealth, we’ve developed a proven planning method called “iBuckets” to help clients proactively fund their unique goals.

The key is identifying your personal goals, creating specific accounts or “buckets” for each, and directing cash flow to regularly fill them. Are you saving for a dream vacation? Set up a travel iBucket. Hoping to buy a second home someday? Establish a designated bucket and contribute monthly.

iBuckets provide clarity, accountability, and motivation to achieve what matters most to you, not just what society says you should prioritize. And it prevents all extra funds from automatically going into one basic investment account.

Over the years, we’ve seen iBuckets help clients fund goals like college, new cars, small business launches, family travel, home projects, and more. Retirement is important, but so are your other dreams. With iBuckets, you take control to make them a reality.

To implement a customized iBucket plan, contact our office today. We’ll help you identify your goals, calculate needs, and develop a cash flow allocation strategy that fits your unique aspirations. It’s time to bridge the gap between simply dreaming and actually achieving.