Over the past year, have you sought professional services and paid for expert guidance? Reflect on your experiences. Did you ever question whether you were receiving the value you expected? It’s a thought that crosses many minds, including mine, and it’s a valid one.

For the past three decades, I’ve closely partnered with business owners and their families to craft financial plans that safeguard their present and future. Estate planning, college funds, and succession strategies are just a few aspects we’ve tackled. Throughout this journey, questions like “how do we pay you?” and “what are we paying you for” have frequently surfaced.

I’ve always maintained that “fees matter in the absence of value.” If you believe a professional is genuinely adding value to your life, you’re less likely to scrutinize the cost of their services because you feel well taken care of.

Now, recall your last interactions with your CPA, attorney, or financial advisor. What did you receive? Did your CPA explore tax-saving options with you? Did they discuss Roth Conversions or vital IRS updates? And your attorney—did they clearly identify gaps in your estate plan and propose solutions, using visual aids to explain necessary changes?

In the realm of financial advising, my area of expertise, it’s astonishing to see what is often overlooked. Lack of comprehensive planning, failing to request tax returns, or neglecting long-term care discussions can leave you feeling unfulfilled. Even if these questions are asked, do you sense genuine commitment to your well-being, or is it just a procedural requirement?

I’m deeply committed to ensuring our clients receive the right questions and that we meticulously organize all financial aspects for them. Our unique approach, embodied in our website “FDC Plan on Purpose,” empowers clients to visualize their future and personal/professional goals. Each meeting centers on their priorities before delving into the “Lifetime Plan Score,” a comprehensive measure of their financial journey. We explore topics like beneficiaries, social security planning, long-term care needs, and estate matters. As we complete these tasks, clients witness their “Lifetime Plan Score” rise, reinforcing that we’re making progress together. This approach lets us demonstrate our value and instills confidence in our clients, knowing their financial well-being is being addressed holistically.

In conclusion, I encourage you to assess the professionals in your life. Are you receiving the value you expect for the fees you pay? Do they help alleviate your concerns about taxes, legal matters, and financial planning? While one of the three might excel in this regard, it might take some interviews with different firms to find the perfect fit. Just as you have no qualms about paying for plumbing repairs, consider the same for your professionals. You need their expertise; ensure you’re getting the value you deserve from their guidance.

If you are interested in exploring a comprehensive solution for your retirement needs or are simply looking for a second opinion on your current situation, we’d love to connect with you.