Why iWealth™

Live a Life of Significance

For Wealth Advisors looking to scale their business fast, with proven technology, marketing and an experienced team.

Is iWealth a fit for you?

If any of these challenges are holding you back from abundant success, iWealth is a fit for you:

– You have too few meetings with qualified prospects

– You do not have a proven marketing process

– You do not have a proven sales process to deliver massive value and

iWealth is designed exclusively for qualified advisors that want to accelerate their business and increase profitability:

– Your value proposition to your prospects is “Wealth Planning”

– You place as much or more value on “planning” vs.
“investment returns”

– You like to use technology to articulate your value and solutions

– Your clients call you about important life decisions, ex. Buying a new car, house, car, traveling, etc.

We have built a multi-million dollar business for advisors to tap into, that will give them more flexibility, time and capacity for growth.

FDC Plan On Purpose™

Your Personal Values Based Website

We have designed our own proprietary software that will help you articulate your value each and every time you meet with your clients. This is a straight forward interactive tool that displays to your clients the full value of working with you. The website helps guide you through client meetings and displays progress on the goals that are most important to your clients.

Book, Workbook, Seminar

Our book, Fish Don’t Clap: Planning For A Purposeful Retirement™, was written to help people make smart decisions with their money and most importantly their lives. This book and workshop will allow you to become the specialist in front of your clients and community and will help shed a light on finding purpose in retirement.


Annual Marketing Spreadsheet

We have created a detailed, multi-layered guide for marketing your business. This in-depth guide details out, month-by-month, the various established marketing techniques that we utilize such as: video, email, social media, social events, educational workshops and personal touches. This template can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Service Matrix

Our service matrix covers the wide range of services we provide our clients at different levels. Our thoughtful approach to client segmentation encompasses more than just AUM, it includes: future potential, referral potential, recurring revenue, personality and centers of influence. This model will allow you to focus a higher level of communication on your “ideal” clients.

Workshop Flyer

At iWealth™, education is key. We take pride in educating not only our clients, but the community. We offer annual workshops, such as our “State of the Markets” Presentation to help share our expertise. Tap into these ideas and do the same for your community and clients.


Pre-Meeting Template

Our pre-meeting template makes gathering prospect information extremely easy. Simply email your prospect our pre-meeting link which walks them through your introduction video and links for them to complete a

1) Riskalyze Questionnaire

2) FDC Plan on Purpose “Where are your Gaps” survey and

3) Document Checklist for items that should be gathered prior to the meeting.

When this is completed, you will have the information needed to make that first in-person meeting more meaningful and successful.


Client Meeting Agenda (CMA)/Trello

We have created a custom process with an easy-to-follow cadence, using technology that will allow you to conduct these strategy sessions with ease and confidence. Our process ensures that you will consistently be prepared for your upcoming meetings two weeks in advance.


Redtail Workflows & Templates

We have created automated workflows to help walk you and your team through the most common business processes. These templates were created using best practices to increase efficiency and eliminate common errors. They help you and your team stay on track and monitor your progress.



We have created a proprietary process, iPath™ that will separate you from your competition. This is a unique process, not a product, and by using it you will not be just another investment advisor representative – you will stand apart from the competition.


Have meaningful conversations with your clients that other advisors are not having. The iBuckets™ concept walks your clients through a discussion about setting goals and keeping track of them.

iLife Planning Guide™

Use a customized template that will help guide you through comprehensive client conversations and will allow you to document those important details.

FDC Plan on Purpose™

Where Are Your Gaps? Our planning website was designed as a client-facing tool that will drive your client meetings in the right direction and will reinforce your value.


Advisor Development Meeting

Stay up-to-date with current market conditions, policy changes and regulations that affect your business. During our bi-monthly meetings we discuss these items and use our online tools to store the information for future use.

Professional Team

Need help with your next presentation? How about your next marketing event? We have a team to support you.


Our team has many years of experience running a successful financial planning firm. This experience and knowledge will help to keep your business on track and thriving.

Move your financial practice to the next level

For more information, contact our office at 507-835-9111 or email info@iWealth4me.com.