Our Current Perspective on Market Corrections, the Economy, and S&P’s Downgrade As you are surely aware, following Tuesday’s debt ceiling compromise, attention rapidly shifted to whether the government has what it takes to solve its budget problems. Add to this the fact that Italy is now in the forefront of debt problems in Europe and […]

So you have a spouse, children, a vehicle and a home. Auto and homeowners’ insurance will pay for the losses of car or house, but what about the loss of your income should an unexpected event occur, such as death or disability? How will things be paid for then? Will you have enough to support […]

You can hardly pick up a newspaper, turn on the news or read a magazine where there is not a discussion about pensions. If you haven’t come across this yet, trust me, you will.

Don’t Let Emotions Guide Your Investment Moves Are you guessing about getting in or out of the market? Or are you now sitting on the sidelines? Many people are these days, and it can have serious consequences. The biggest issues for investors are fear and greed. Both play with our emotions to justify a move […]

Be Prepared With a 529 Plan Many of us have heard that receiving additional schooling past high school will increase our lifetime earning potential. But over the past 10 years, tuition and fees have grown more than 4 percent faster than the rate of inflation at public four-year colleges and more than 2 percent faster […]

It has been a very busy summer for all of us in our office. It’s great to be able to discuss with you our new “brand”. There has been much thought put into our “iWealth” company name and brand. iWealth represents “independence, your wealth and family wealth.” You will be seeing this name and brand […]