The timeless expectation has been for high school students to pursue a traditional 4-year college degree. However, today’s economic realities are causing many families to question whether that one-size-fits-all approach still makes sense for their teen. There are compelling trade school and certification alternatives that deserve thoughtful consideration as well. The Changing College Dialogue For […]

As a parent, you want to provide the best opportunities for your children. However, funding your child’s education often comes at the expense of saving adequately for your own retirement. This difficult balancing act can leave parents financially unprepared later in life if not handled carefully. In this post, we’ll explore strategies to balance these […]

2022 was a turbulent year for investors, punctuated by double-digit declines across major stock and bond indices. However, 2023 has brought some relief. As we pass the halfway point, a review of Q2 reveals a market recovery is firmly underway. Stocks Surge, Thanks to Big Tech The S&P 500 has experienced a dramatic turnaround, rising […]

AI holds tremendous promise to boost business productivity, but also poses risks. Our latest video explores the current state of AI, its business impact, challenges to address, and why companies must implement responsible strategies to leverage its full potential. Artificial intelligence (AI) is dominating technology headlines lately. ChatGPT, Google Bard, Claude 2, generative design – […]

Discover the wisdom to successful investing with disciplined strategies and behavioral control. Learn to balance emotional decisions and rational thinking to achieve your financial objectives. Transitioning from having children at home to becoming an empty nester inevitably brings change, not just to your lifestyle but also to your financial planning. This change further extends to […]

Navigate the empty nest phase confidently with strategic financial planning. Discover the balance between enjoying the present and preparing for a secure future. As children grow up and leave home, parents inevitably face the reality of an empty nest. This period of change, while often marked with mixed emotions, presents a unique opportunity for self-reflection, […]