iWealth - What is taking off - Your Retirement or the Kids College Fund

Deciding on the balance between saving for college or retirement can be a tough choice, which ultimately depends on your individual circumstances and priorities. At iWealth, we largely take the approach of telling our clients to “put their own oxygen mask on first” to borrow the airline analogy, as it’s vital our clients are able […]

iWealth Q1 2024 Market Update

In iWealth’s Q1 2024 update, Brad and his guest dive into a discussion about the second quarter of 2024, providing insights into recent Q1 market trends and upcoming client updates. Reflecting on the previous quarter, Brad highlights the impressive performance of the market, attributing it to the strong economic conditions. He discusses the shift in […]

The Power of Holistic Financial Planning

Holistic financial planning is a comprehensive approach to managing one’s finances that considers all aspects of an individual’s or family’s finances. Instead of the traditional financial advisor role of focusing solely on investments or budgeting, holistic financial planners, such as iWealth, consider broader factors such as a person’s goals, values, risk tolerance, lifestyle and future […]

Why Emergency Funds Matter

A lot of people have questions regarding emergency funds. How much should you be saving, and where should those savings go? Balancing debts while trying to save can also pose its unique challenges. This post outlines some basic principles that can guide you as you think through your personal budgeting. Why an Emergency Fund Matters […]

s&p500 in 2024

As the S&P 500 approaches the 5,000 point milestone, it raises questions around interpreting what’s driving market moves and how average investors can respond. In this podcast and article, Brad Connors and Shawn Pomeroy, from the Waseca iWealth office, explore the key themes surrounding the S&P 500’s performance that are relevant for personal investment strategies. […]

Managing finances can feel like piecing together a puzzle – insurance policies, investments, retirement plans, it’s a lot to juggle. No wonder many find their financial picture overwhelming. But your finances don’t have to be confusing. Your financial life is a puzzle you can solve. By understanding how the pieces fit together step-by-step, you can […]