Fish Don’t Clap

Planning For A Purposeful Retirement

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The right kind of financial advising can help ensure that you’re not just retiring from a long and meaningful career…you’re also retiring to a purposeful and engaged life.

Over the past 20 years of helping clients, I’ve learned that it’s not a big investment account that makes retirement life grand. Although it certainly does help to have your finances in order, the bigger question is, “What are you going to do with your time?” Many of you who are not retired will smile and say, “I will finally get to my to-do list or take care of my bucket list items.” In reality, it takes only a year or so to accomplish the items on your list. Then what? Fish Don’t Clap is about getting people to consider what their retirement should be like to make themselves feel happy and fulfilled and then learning how to fund it. Having a deep understanding of what that next phase of life looks like can mean the difference between a listless retirement and an exciting next phase.  – Brad Connors, President

What others are saying about the book!

“Brad’s book introduces a holistic approach to planning for the phase of life we call ‘retirement.’  Every member of my ‘boomer’ generation has access to financial calculators and the endless scenarios they can generate.  As Brad reminds us, though, it’s not just about the numbers, it’s about the planning-planning for life.”

Greg Gunderson, CFP, President/CEO
Investment Centers of America, Inc.

“Too many Americans face a dismal future because they failed to truly plan for the longest vacation of their lives- retirement.  People continue to live longer lives.  They face a double-headed monster, the twin predators of wealth known as taxes and inflation.  Just as important is their purpose during their retirement years.  Fish Don’t Clap addresses these issues and more!”

Michael Roby, Financial Industry Speaker, Coach, and Consultant


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