Giving back to others provides a deep sense of purpose and fulfillment. While monetary donations have their place, volunteering our time and talents can be even more rewarding.

In this article and video, we explore the intangible benefits of volunteering and highlight ways you can get involved in your community.

As we are releasing this post, we would love for our readers, friends and clients to be aware of a great, local opportunity to serve the Waseca community by joining us in the iWealth Holiday Food Drive from October 30-November 17. More details here.

Helping in Times of Crisis

When a crisis strikes, selfless people emerge to offer aid. Whether it’s a natural disaster or family falling on hard times, volunteering during dire straits provides urgent relief when it’s needed most.

Showing up to help strangers rebuild and restore order after a tornado or other tragedy forges human connection. Though exhausting, those fleeting windows to make a tangible impact leave lasting impressions.

Rather than meticulously planning out involvement down to the minute, being ready to mobilize spontaneously is invaluable. Having a flexible schedule and desire to pitch in wherever required makes you an invaluable responder in difficult situations.

Behind the Scenes Giving

For many, the most satisfying volunteering is done discreetly, with no need for public acknowledgement or credit. Identifying individuals or families privately struggling to make ends meet and providing anonymous resources helps maintain their dignity.

Doing good works behind the scenes, without fanfare or self-congratulation, speaks volumes about your motivations. It’s purely about imparting kindness for its own sake.

Arranging assistance confidentially also avoids recipients feeling pressure to express gratitude. You help because their need aligns with your means, not to elicit praise.

Structured Volunteer Opportunities

Beyond crisis response and anonymous giving, volunteering through structured programs provides community connection. becoming a familiar face over time.

For instance, iWealth sponsors an annual Holiday Food Drive supporting the Waseca Area Neighborhood Service Center. Our clients and the community donate funds to help local families in need.

In 2022, generous contributions provided holiday meals to 71 families and 543 people. With ongoing support, we hope to expand assistance through programs like the WANSC Backpack Program feeding hungry students.

Finding a cause aligned with your passions and collaborating with like-minded givers creates lasting change. Consistent volunteering also fosters meaningful relationships with the people and communities you assist.

Volunteering as a Family Activity

Involving children in volunteering and philanthropy from a young age instills empathy and civic awareness. When parents demonstrate giving back through their actions, kids internalize those ideals.

Starting a family foundation, even with a small initial contribution, plants the seed. Allowing the next generation to collectively determine grant recipients going forward teaches financial responsibility.

Making volunteer work a family activity also reinforces its importance. Children learn firsthand how fulfilling it feels to improve the lives of others in need. These lessons guide their values and priorities for years to come.

Give with the Right Motivations

Volunteering should come from an authentic desire to help, not boost your ego. Avoid situations where you’ll be the center of public praise. Focus on maximizing impact rather than personal recognition.

Likewise, never view assistance as transactional, where recipients incur debt or the obligation to thank you. Lend your time and abilities freely, with no strings attached.

Take your cues from the biblical encouragement to give cheerfully without expecting anything in return. The act itself is its own reward when you have the right motivations.

Take the First Step

We all have unique skills and resources to contribute. But it’s easy to get stuck over analyzing how best to get involved. Don’t let uncertainty hold you back. Start somewhere and your options to give back will snowball.

Reach out to local nonprofits to hear their greatest needs. Check volunteer databases for opportunities matching your interests. Coordinate with friends for a group service activity. Giving, in any form, enriches your life exponentially. We hope you’re inspired to take that first step and experience the joy and fulfillment of volunteering.

To learn more about iWealth’s community outreach, see our Giving Back page. And please join us in this year’s Holiday Food Drive supporting families in the Waseca area.