Growing up, I looked to my grandfather more than anybody. He lived simply, loved people, and always put family first. From him, I learned life is not about accumulating stuff – it’s about living fully and providing for loved ones.

My grandfather’s example shaped my approach to financial planning. While building my practice over 20+ years, I’ve stayed grounded in the small-town, family-focused values I was raised with.

At iWealth, clients can expect a relationship-driven experience reflecting my own journey. My team and I get to know you personally and treat you like family. We learn what matters most so we can help you protect it.

Like my grandfather, our focus is on having enough to live a full life, not accumulating for its own sake. We guide you to become a good provider for your own loved ones.

While the world has changed, our values have stayed the same. Family comes first. Possessions aren’t what make you wealthy – it’s the people you share your life with. We feel privileged to walk alongside you and support what you care most about.

To learn more about our family-focused approach to financial planning, please contact our office. We’re here to help you live out your values and secure what matters most.